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Alcohol and society

On Science Daily there is a report of a German study on the harmful effects on non-drinking third persons. This research shows that alcohol was involved with 45.1 percent of traffic fatalities and about 15 percent of the cases of interpersonal violence.

This study is yet another confirmation of our position that the government should discourage the consumption of alcohol as a matter of health and public security policy and that it should be treated like other controlled substances.

Mordan Alcohol Act

Today I found in my personal archives an old proposal for an Alcohol Act. The rationale behind this act is that though the moderate consumption of alcohol is not a problem, excessive use of alcohol is a social issue. Drunk people are responsible for public disorder, riots and are an factor in domestic violence. Especially in space settlements excessive alcohol consumption can have disruptive consequences. Therefore alcohol requires regulation.

The proposal contains seven articles. Though I support the general idea behind this proposal, I doubt the wisdom of certain provisions. Below the original proposal.

Article 1

Selling alcoholic beverages to persons below the age of eighteen [years] is prohibited.

Article 2

Selling alcoholic beverages outside specialized shops licensed to sell only alcoholic beverages, is prohibited.

Article 3

All kinds of advertisement for alcoholic beverages is prohibited.

Article 4

The consumption of alcoholic beverages in public spaces is prohibited.

Article 5

The import of alcoholic beverages shall be a government monopoly.

Article 6

The production of alcoholic beverages is prohibited without a license of the Federal Government.

Article 7

Anyone who is in the possession of a Federal Certificate of Capable Home brewership may produce alcoholic beverages for personal consumption.

If you have any suggestions to improve this proposal, you could leave a comment below.