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Animal-free meat and dairy

Scientific and technological progress will make factory farming obsolete in the near future. Here is short video explaining how we can still consume meat and dairy products, while avoiding the mistreating of animals.


For more info:

Perfect Day Foods (animal free dairy)

Cultured Beef (Mark Post’s official web page)


Animal testing

The issue of animal testing is one of the more difficult ones within the animal welfare movement. With our hearth we would call for the abolition of animal testing, though with our brains we know it is sometimes necessary. In this respect animal testing differs from other animal welfare topics. Continue reading Animal testing

Space colonization and animal welfare

Some might be surprised to learn that an organization devoted to space colonization is dedicated to the cause of animal welfare. But those people overlook the fact that space colonization is for us not an end on itself, but rather a mean towards the end of creating a new society based on humanist values. Continue reading Space colonization and animal welfare