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Stallman-Lietaer “Tax”

This proposal combines Richard Stallman’s suggestion for a progressive business tax with Bernard Lietaer’s ECO-plan. We will first discuss both proposal separately and subsequently we will discuss a (possible) combination of both. Continue reading Stallman-Lietaer “Tax”

Money diversity

A review of “Rethinking Money” by Bernard Lietaer and Jacqui Dunne

Rethinking Money is an interesting book about the problems of our current monetary system and explores possible solutions. Lietaer is widely known for his studies of complementary currencies and has written several books on this topic and a large number of articles. Continue reading Money diversity

Stella: a proposal for inter-settlement trade

We assume that future space settlements will have their own currencies [in case of Mordan settlements that will be the Talent]. Inter-settlement trade (IST) will, however, play an important role in the economic life of space settlers. And having multiple (national) currencies might be inconvenient for IST. Hence we argue for the introduction of a complementary trade currency for the trade between different settlements. Continue reading Stella: a proposal for inter-settlement trade