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Clean air – follow up

The Guardian reports that one in six deaths due to lung cancer are non-smokers. Researchers quoted in the article do link this to air pollution – both indoor and outdoor. So this yet another remainder why strict air quality regulations are necessary, both on Earth and in Space Settlements.

The Importance of Clean Air

A study done by Frederica Perera demonstrates that a cleaner air will result in an increase of the IQ of children. That the reduction of air pollution has a positive effects on the development of children, is not surprising but it demonstrates once again the importance of clean air. More generally the cleaner the air is, the healthier the people are, which will result in lower costs of healthcare.

Pollution should be considered as an infringement of people’s right to health, and hence it’s the proper duty of the government to take measures to guarantee clean air. In order to keep the air inside space settlements as clean as possible, we have earlier proposed to outlaw internal combustion engines; also we are strongly in favour of banishing polluting industries from space habitats.