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Electric vehicles and public health

Our regular reader will know that we are quite hawkish when it comes to air quality and public health. One of the measure we have proposed is for space habitats to ban the use of internal combustion engines. A study by researchers from Cornell University provides a solid scientific base for a complete ban on internal combustion engines. Continue reading Electric vehicles and public health

Proton batteries

At The Guardian I found a very interesting article:

Look, no lithium! First rechargeable proton battery created.

According to the article, a team of researchers at the RMIT University in Melbourne have created a battery that instead of scarce lithium, uses carbon and hydrogen. The main benefit of this new type of battery, is that carbon and hydrogen are abundant and hence cheap materials.

With the increased popularity of electric vehicles, the demand for batteries increases and hence the demand for lithium and also its price. The limited abundance of lithium is a serious bottleneck for a more sustainable fleet of cars.

According to the scientists who made this proton battery it will take five to ten years, before it will be commercially available.

Bhutan goes electric

Serving the Internet we found an interesting development: The Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan is planning to replace all fuel power car by electric ones. The country’s aims with this plan to cut the expenses on oil imports with 70%, and hence to save money. Due to its location, Bhutan is able to produce huge amounts of hydro-electricity, of which most is exported. At this moment private citizens are not allowed to import cars, but some observers expect the authorities may make an exception for electric cars.

With the approaching peaking of oil production, and subsequent oil depletion, more countries might follow Bhutan. And in space settlements we see no use for cars powered by internal combustion engines. Especially because in space solar power is abundantly available.