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Space news

We want to share two news stories on ScienceDaily relevant for space colonization.

Roadmap to enhance radioresistance for space colonization.

Cosmic radiation is by far the most serious threat for space settlement, both orbital and surface-based ones. Without adequate protection from cosmic radiation, human space colonization will be impossible. Therefore research to protect humans against this radiation is of crucial importance.

Widespread water on the Moon

Water is indispensable for human life and hence the presence of water is of critical importance for any Moon-based settlement. Contrary to previous scientific understanding, there appears more water on the Moon. However, this water is primarily contained as hydroxy into lunar stones.

Lunar water comes from asteroids

On Science Daily we found an interesting article on the source of water on the Moon. A significant amount of lunar waters exist in the form of hydrated minerals and computer simulations show that asteroids are a more likely source of this water than comets. Comets contain water in the form of ice, while asteroids do in the form of hydrated minerals.

According to the article the impact velocity of a typical comet would cause most of its water content to evaporate. On the contrary hydrated minerals from asteroid impacts would be absorbed into the Moon’s regolith.