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On the military industry

As our regular readers and followers probably know, we want to found a neutral state. In foreign policy, neutrality is the policy of a state not to choose sides in an international conflict (and war in particular). Neutrality requires that a state is able to defend its own population and territory and does not depends on other countries for its defense. Continue reading On the military industry

Detect and Destroy Corps

Any orbital space settlement has a permanent risk to be hit by a meteorite. This an important concern for any government of space settlements, and hence measures have to be taken to reduce both the probability to be hit and the effects of such events.

First measure would be to design interplanetary settlements such that they will be able to withstand hits by small meteorites. Secondly the government should establish an agency with the task of permanently monitoring all objects which might pose a threat to a space habit. We will call this agency the Detect and Destroy Corps or DDC. Continue reading Detect and Destroy Corps