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A Proposal for Name Law

We propose that: 1. all persons should have at least three given names. 2. Family names or patronymic names are not mandatory. 3. Further persons should be allowed to change their name simply by registering such change by the civil authorities.

Ad 1. The three name rule will reduce the likelihood of persons having the same name, and if there any persons with identical names, additional names can be added.

Ad 2. Abolishing mandatory surnames should end all discussions whether people should get their father’s or mother’s surname, or a combination thereof. Further family names are not universally accepted outside the western world.People who desire to have or to give their children a “family” name, can use one of the given names for this purpose.

Ad 3. Consistent with liberal ideal of self-determination, people should have control over as much aspects of their own life, including their own name(s). Persons who don’t like the names given by their parents should be free to change those as they see fit. The government’s role in this is registering any name change in its registers. The only reason to refuse this, is to prevent identity theft.