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Fluoride and IQ

We have earlier discussed the negative effects of environmental lead exposure on pre- and post-natal neural development. A new study from Canada, reported by Interesting Engineering, suggests that also fluoride might have a negative effect on one’s IQ. And this is a serious issue. Continue reading Fluoride and IQ

More on lead

Previously we have discussed the effect of lead exposure on cognitive development as well its association with crime. ScienceDaily reports a new study that further confirms the negative effect of lead on neural development:

Higher lead in topsoil boosts the probability of cognitive difficulties in 5-year-old boys

Bottom line: any concentration of lead in the environment has a negative impact on the cognitive abilities of children. Since this damage is permanent, lead poisoning is a major social problem as reduced mental capacities will negatively affect performance at school and in later life.

Hence our position remains that the authorities in future space settlements should implement a zero tolerance policy when it comes to lead – any lead containing product should be banned from daily life.