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Space settlements and pluralism

When space settlements are established, the founders of the settlement have to decide how they will organize its social structure. We of Republic of Lagrangia prefer to establish space settlements with social system based on the values of secularism, liberalism and humanism. And based upon these values we have proposed several reforms, we want to implement in space settlements.

That does not, however, mean that all Space Settlements will or should implement these reforms. Other groups of Space Settlers might opt for different social designs. This will lead to a certain degree of pluralism among Space Settlements. We believe that such a pluralism is a good thing.

There are several arguments in favour of this pluralism. First, other groups of Space Settlers might have different ideological preferences than we do. That other people have a different ideology is not necessarily wrong, but it’s hard to reconcile multiple opposing ideologies in one single society, which too often result in weak and unsatisfying compromises.

Allowing different ideological movements to establish their own societies, will eliminate an important source of internal conflict within Space Settlements. Additionally pluralism among Space Settlements provide opportunity for people with ideological disagreements to move to other Settlements which are closer to them, ideologically. Or even to create their own Settlements.

A second, more pragmatic argument, is that we often don’t know what policies or reforms are best, or how they’ll work in practice. If different settlements implement different policies we will be able to evaluate the results of these differences after time, and with this knowledge we can improve our societies.

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