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Turo di Mordano

In order to further the international prestige and to boost the economy of Mordan, we are in favour of organizing great sport events. Earlier we proposed the Lagrangian Games and the Mordan Open. In this post several proposals for a Turo di Mordano.

Proposal 1 Multi-stage inline skate race

A similar format as the Tour de France, but then on inline skates rather than on bicycles. O’Neill cylinders are designed to be 32 to 35 kilometers long and are divided in three valleys separated by windows. This will allow for stages up to 105 kilometers by making a “S” by using the hemispherical poles.

In this proposal there will be about twenty stages, and the participants will have to join a team. Ideally there will be both a race for both men and women.

Proposal 2 Multi-stage tandem race

Though one might think that road cycle racers would compete individually, all participants of the Grand Tours (i.e. the Giro d’Italia, the Tour de France, the Vuelta a España) are part of a team (usually named after the team’s sponsor).

In order to bolster the idea of cycle racing as a team sport, it is an idea to organize a multi-stage race with tandems. Tandems are bicycles for multiple persons, usually in a row. Most tandems are designed for two people, but there also tandems for three or more people. One tandem has even as much as ten seats.

In one version of this proposal, we could use two-person tandems. Further we could require that each tandem is powered by a female and a male racer. This would eliminate all concerns of gender inequality.

In another version, four-person tandems are used. This creates an interesting possibility for changing the line up either by reordering the cyclists or to replace them (only between stages, not during one). This will make road cycle racing an even more tactical sport.

Part of the rim including many nearby space vehicles

Inside view of a Stanford torus. If great enough, a torus-shaped space habitat is suitable for long distance racing.

The Mordan Open

Racketlon is a multisport match involving four stages: table tennis, badminton, squash and tennis (and in that sequence). The idea to combine these four racket-sports in one single match originated in Finland.

The game is played as follows: there are four sets (in sports and sequence mentioned above). Each set is played according to the rules of that particular sport. The set is played up to 21 points. The player who after these four sets has the most points wins the match, not the one who wins most sets. Typically the four sets are played shortly after each other.

In order to boost the Mordan economy and to strengthen its international prestige, we propose to introduce the Mordan Open Racketlon. The principal sponsor of this sport event will be the Mordan Federal Government.

The Mordan Open will consist of two tournaments, one for women and an other for men. Each tournament will start with 16 players, and will follow a double-elimination tournament. That means that one has to lose two times before permanently eliminated in the tournament, this in contrast to a single-elimination tournaments (as is used, for instance, in the knock-out stage of the Fifa World Cup).

The rationale behind a double-elimination tournament is as follows. Since the players are assigned their opponents in the first round by random selection (as is common in most sports), it’s possible that two strong players will play against each other in the first round. In a normal single-elimination tournament the losing strong players will be eliminated will weaker players could advance to later rounds, just by luck. In a double-elimination tournament losing strong players can still advance to the latter rounds. From a commercial point of view a double-elimination tournament is interesting because more matches will be played and each player will play at least two matches.

The Lagrangian Games

The Sun-Earth Lagrangian points 4 and 5 is located at a great distance from our planet. Though the associated travel time, about several weeks to a few months depending on the type of rockets used, is not prohibitive for the export of minerals to or the immigration from the blue planet; this will be a problem for short-term visitors.

It is therefore unlikely that sportsmen from Lagrangian space settlements will compete in terrestrial competitions or terrestrial sportsmen in Lagrangian ones. Hence it would be better for the Lagrangian community to organize its own sport events.

Some people consider the “Olympic” Games to be highest stage in the world of sport. This is illustrated by the fact that many sport organization are actively campaigning to have their sport included at the “Olympics”. Therefore we might consider to create a comparable alternative multi-sport events for the best Lagrangian sportsmen, which we will call the Lagrangian Games.

But unlike the “Olympic” Games, we propose to held the Lagrangian Games at a permanent location, preferable in a neutral space habitat specially build for this purpose. One of the major criticisms of the “Olympics” are the costs of building the required infrastructure every four (two) years, while most facilities will never be used again afterwards. By choosing a permanent location the same facilities can be used in multiple Lagrangian Games.

A second benefit of a permanent host is in the elimination of the bidding process. The bidding is a major source of corruption within the International “Olympic” Committee, since countries will be tempted to bribe IOC members.


Animals in sport

The use of animals in competitive sports is controversial in animal welfare circles. The issue at stake is that animals are forced to perform physical efforts for the benefit of their human owners/caretakers. Since humans eager to win might be tempted to ask too much from their animals, while they unlike humans cannot give informed consent, this is not always to the benefit of these animals. There are known instances of people giving performance enhancing drugs to horses.

Earlier we advocated a total ban on blood sports as well to abolish animal racing. Instead of betting on animal races, people could bet on human races such as the 400m hurdling. But there are less cruel sports which involves animals. One of these sports is polo, a ball-and-stick game played on horseback.

An alternative variant of polo exist, however, in which horses are replaced with bicycles, and is known as cycle polo. This animal friendly game is usually played on grass (like traditional polo) or on hard court. The rules are basically the same as in horse polo. Cycle polo requires certain skills as one should able to steer his/her bike aswell being able to use his/her stick simultaneously.

Below a video on Cycle Polo:

Oxytocin: the new doping?

Scientists have discovered that, at least in mice, oxytocin plays a crucial role in muscle maintenance and that the amount of oxytocin decreases with age. Older mice have less of this hormone, and hence it takes more time for them to repair their muscles. By giving older mice a daily injection of oxytocin, their muscle repair capability was strongly improved.

Though this function of oxytocin has not been demonstrated in humans, oxytocin has been approved for clinical use in humans. If these results also apply to humans, it will be useful for elderly people who will be able to live healthier at higher age.

But since oxytocin improves muscle repair capability, there is a possibility that sportsmen will use it as doping. Since sportsmen use their muscles in a very intense manner, their muscles have a higher risk at damages. This is especially problematic during multi-day sport events as the Tour de France or the Fifa World Championship. The faster a sportsman can have his muscles repaired, the better his overall performance will be.

At this moment oxytocin is legal, and could be obtained and used easily, even if the effects on human muscles is unclear. And as long oxytocin is not listed as doping and sportsmen are not tested at this hormone, which also occurs naturally in our body (to make stuff even more difficult); sportsmen will be tempted to use oxytocin.