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An alternative for hunting

Due to our commitment to animal welfare, we oppose recreational hunting, e.g. the killing of wild animals for mere fun. In this post we advocate an animal-friendly alternative for those who like to hunt: sporting clays.

Sporting clays is a type of clay pigeon shooting. A clay pigeon is an object made of, not surprisingly, clay. In clay pigeon shooting a clay pigeon is launched into the air by a machine (called “trap”), and then shooters will attempt to hit the clay projectile. In most disciplines of clay pigeon shooting, the shooters stay at one place. Though most projectiles are intended to “fly” through the air, there are projectiles which are designed over the ground, known as “rabbits”.

With sporting clays several traps are spread over a terrain, usually a natural landscape. Shooters will walk around the terrain, and meanwhile clay pigeons are launched. In order to simulate real hunting experience as much as possible, the shooters will not know in advance when and from which trap a projectile will be launched or what type of projectile will be used. Consequently targets are launched at different angles, speeds and distances.

For safety reasons sporting clays ranges in space settlements will be enclosed, and access will be controlled. Only so many people can use the range simultaneously, otherwise there is a too great risk at accidents. Further shooters are not required to bring their own guns, they will able to rent guns at the range. Alternatively they can use laser guns.